Product Review: Cloud Baby Monitor App


 Our baby is now just a little over 4 months and because it is recommended in Canada that they sleep in a bassinet in the parents’ room for the first 6 months, we haven’t had a need for a baby monitor.  

My husband went out for this staff Christmas party tonight, so I was left at home with Linden (obviously not my first time alone with him).  The only difference is that I figured I could get some house work done tonight.  Linden was having a nap in our room, so I set up the iPad and started the Cloud Baby Monitor App on the iPad (as the child unit) and on my iPhone (as the parent unit).  It worked amazing.  The first thing when I set it up, the app asked me to customize the settings for noise and motion detection.  You are given the opportunity to set the detection to high, medium, or low, depending on how sensitive you want it to be.  I went downstairs and started to mop the living room and basement.  When Linden woke up, he started moving around (waiving his arms) and I received a notification right away alerting me that motion had been detected.  Then as I was making my way upstairs, he had begun crying and again, another notification came in to alert me that there was noise/sound detected. 

Also, once you’re on the app, an added bonus is, if you look at the top right hand corner where the amount of battery power remaining is shown, it’s split in half, the top half being the “child unit”, in my case, the iPad that is acting as the camera on your baby, and the bottom half is the “parent unit”, which is probably your smartphone or the device you are using to watch your child/baby. It’s pretty cool to have that, more so in the scenario that the child unit power is getting low. I’ve added a picture below to show that.


At the top of the photo, you can see the battery power of both the child unit and the parent unit

For a $5 or $7 app, it’s amazing.  And because we have family sharing, we only had to buy it once to use it on both devices (the child unit and the parent unit), and also on my husbands iPhone as well. 

I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a baby monitor and if you have an extra i-device such as an iPad or an extra iPhone. Baby monitors generally set you back $100+ so this was a great investment at the $5 for an app.  An added bonus is that it works on the Apple Watch as well so you don’t have to be carrying your phone around and constantly watching your phone. 


As seen from the Apple Watch

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