Baby Shower Etiquette

Baby Shower Gift Etiquette


If your friend or family member is having a baby shower, you should try to find out if they have a baby registry set up. And if they do, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please buy them stuff from their registry!  Mom’s-to-be spend lots of time researching baby products, and discussing the items they need with their significant other, and going over the things they will need and/or not need, and believe it or not, they also add things onto their registry of all different prices so if people only want to spend $10 they can, or if they want to splurge they can do that too.  And what’s better, it makes shopping for you that much easier!

Registries also prevent the parents to be ending up with tons of onesies, blankets and other clothes that their baby will outgrow in 2 weeks.  Purchasing something from their registry will go a long way.  Keep in mind that new parents-to-be need stuff (rather than want stuff), and if you can help them out with their needs, that would be ideal.  Gift cards where their registry is stationed is also good.  The exception to this is, is you see something really cool and unique, then get it! Don’t get me wrong, everything and anything you purchase for the parents-to-be will be greatly appreciated, because they need stuff (even onesies), but I think people underestimate how expensive having a baby is.  If you can help them out by buying them something from their registry – something they truly need – it’ll go a long way.

I hope this post doesn’t come across as greedy or inappreciative, because its not at all the intent of the post – its more of making people aware that (especially) new parents to be are in need of a ton of stuff, and baby stuff isn’t cheap!  Its stuff that I personally wouldn’t have thought about if I had to go to a baby shower prior to us having a baby, so just sharing my thoughts.  If you have any other tips/advice, please feel free to post them!

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