It seems a lot of people are having problems with putting the Dockatot cover back on once they’ve removed it to wash it.  So, I created a video tutorial on how to put it back on.  Hopefully it helps.

Basically, you have to keep pushing the bumper parts down into the corners of the sides of the Dockatot.  Two things to note when getting the bumper into the cover, is to use your finger and thumb to pull the zipper up, keeping your finger on the inside, so that it doesn’t snag on the bumper fabric.  And the second thing which I found helps, is to feel the bumper once you’ve gotten it zipped up.  The 2 sides should be equally firm – if one side is softer or looser than the other, keep pushing the bumper to the ends.  Hopefully this makes sense, and if not, check out our video for a proper demonstration on how to do it.

Get your finger underneath the zipper so it doesn’t snag on the fabric from the bumper

Keep in mind, you have to be patient with it, but honestly, I’d rather put the Dockatot cover on than try to get a douvet cover on! Haha

Video is on my YouTube channel here How to put a Dockatot cover on

If you need any clarification, or want me to post any other videos to help with this, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for watching!

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