Well, I figured I should write a post about this blog to anyone who’s following or interested in following.

First off, Thank You to everyone already following my blog.  It really means a lot to me that someone is interested in what I have to say, or that others can relate to what I’m experiencing, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with these experiences. In other words, this blog serves my selfish needs!

Second, I’d like to give you some insight to my plans with the blog.  I am new to the blogging world – I started blogging in the wee hours of the night when my newborn would wake up for a feed, and TV literally was horrible. My blog is mainly on baby product reviews, because I know that as a new mom, there’s so much stuff on the market and buying things that you need for baby can get confusing, overwhelming and downright stressful.  So, I’m sharing my experiences with baby products so you’re not wasting money on either crappy or poorly made items, or on unnecessary gear.  Also, we are fortunate in that my family and my husband’s family are generous and loving enough to help out in spooling our son, showering him with amazing gifts, enabling me to write lots of reviews. In doing this blog, I’ve reached out to some companies to exchange my services for product.  My goal however, is to maintain my integrity and to continue giving honest reviews on items, whether they were gifted to me or not.

So far, I’ve been lucky to team up with Yoomi Bottles which is a self-warming bottle company.  They’re my first. In partnering up with them, I will be able to offer you (my readers) a discount code on their products, as well as being able to possibly host a giveaway! Please share this blog so that I can get more followers to be able to host more of these giveaways and discount codes! The more followers I have, the more discounts and giveaways!

IMG_0285-0I run an apparel company for my passion which is officiating ice hockey, which has sparked me to begin selling baby onesies, since I already have everything set up.  Please check out my store, Onezzzies, and if there’s any specific designs or styles you’re interested in, please feel free to contact me and I can have them made up for you.

This blog has also inspired me to create a segment called Parents in Cars Getting Coffee, which is a spin off from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  You can check it out at http://www.parentsincarsgettingcoffee.com – basically, I go out and enjoy a cup of coffee with another parent, and discuss everything around parenting – advice, tips, the headaches and the joys.


You can urge your friends to follow me on Twitter and Instagram with my username @WTFParent and to Like my Facebook Page (which I just started) at http://www.facebook.com/WTFParent or they can follow on WordPress or via email.

Thanks for your support, and for reading, and sharing my blog!

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