Baby Sign Language

  I was bored one night at home, watching over Linden do his tummy time, so I decided to Google "things to do with babies".  After scrolling through a bunch of useless things to do with babies, I came across Tiny Talking Hands, a sign language program for babies.  Ever since I was little, I … Continue reading Baby Sign Language

7 Month Update

March 14, 2016. Linden had his 7 month check up, although it was more like his 7.5 month check up.  Here is what we learned from his visit to the doctor... It is normal that Linden only poops once a week since he's been on solids once a day and breastfed the other times. He … Continue reading 7 Month Update

Product Review: Nēnu Family (Teethers & Infant Cutlery)

I was so excited to receive this package from Nēnu. I was especially looking forward to the baby spoon and fork set, and was extremely impressed with all their products.  Below is a full review of their line of baby products. Nēnu Bud The Nenu bud teether was amazing for our 6 month old son. … Continue reading Product Review: Nēnu Family (Teethers & Infant Cutlery)