Baby Purée Recipes

My last blog post went over our 3 staple purées, so this one will touch on the next 3 that our son eats often.  Zucchini purée, Apple/Kiwi/Zucchini purée and Mango purée. Zucchini Purée  (Prep Time:  2-5 min   |   Cook Time:  10-15 min) 2-3 zucchinis, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes. Fill the Beaba … Continue reading Baby Purée Recipes

An Intro to Homemade Baby Purées

My husband and I wanted to make sure that our 8 month old son gets the healthiest choices when it comes to what he puts in his mouth, so we figured that homemade would be our best choice.  Sure, we occasionally give him stuff out of a store bought packet, but we try not to … Continue reading An Intro to Homemade Baby Purées

Baby’s Eating and Sleeping Schedule

Linden is now just over 8 months, and I thought I would write a post on his eating and sleeping schedule, since it seems to be a popular topic on my Instagram account.  At Linden's 5 month check up with our family doctor, we were told that he was showing signs (whatever those were) that … Continue reading Baby’s Eating and Sleeping Schedule