Food purées for our 8 month old

Linden is now just over 8 months, and I thought I would write a post on his eating and sleeping schedule, since it seems to be a popular topic on my Instagram account.  At Linden’s 5 month check up with our family doctor, we were told that he was showing signs (whatever those were) that he was interested in eating.  So, we started him off with rice cereal or oatmeal cereal, and a couple of purées.  We were advised to introduce solids to him individually (in case he had any reactions to certain foods), and to make sure that he drinks lots of water throughout the day, so as to prevent the possibility of him getting constipated.

The first foods we introduced were pears, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal cereal.  We fed him once a day (in the later evenings), and he was still being breastfed throughout the day and night.  We just thought that if he had a full meal just before bedtime, he would be full throughout the night.  And we were mistaken.  Also, we noticed that with the once-a-day feedings, Linden was only pooping (on average) once a week, but he wasn’t constipated by any means.  We still thought this was odd though, since its not natural to only poop once a week, and also, he was being mostly breastfed, and when he was exclusively on breastmilk, he pooped everyday.  We didn’t realize until his 7 month check up, that all our concerns over were basically caused by us!   (Although, the whole pooping once a week thing was nice because it saved us a ton on baby wipes!!)  The pooping once a week thing is normal I guess if you’re only feeding one solid meal a day – I didn’t ask why, but our doctor said it was normal.

At the 7 month check up, since Linden was a little on the lower side of the weight scale, our doctor advised us to start him on 3 solid meals a day, which would have 2 effects: 1) he would sleep longer through the night; and 2) he would poop more often.  And both turned out to be true.  We were told that one big meal a day wouldn’t sustain a baby’s hunger, and that having 3 consistent meals throughout the day would fill him up, and therefore, he wouldn’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night.  This didn’t only make sense, it was true.  And now he also poops about once to twice a day.  Lastly, at this checkup, I asked our doctor when Linden would be able to start eating actual solid foods (not purées), and she said basically when he has teeth.  She went on to explain that she has resuscitated too many babies in the ER and its not a pretty site, so she advised against it until they have teeth and can properly break down food.  Made sense to me.  She said we can try giving him some of those baby crackers (and she made sure we knew to give him BABY crackers, not crackers for adults since their little organs can’t properly digest adult crackers), but when I bought a pack, they didn’t seem to dissolve all that quickly in my mouth so I was cautious about giving him any so I have held off on those for now.

So, if you’re wondering what our typical day looks like, here it is.  And keep in mind that we don’t actually have a “set” bedtime or nap time, because lets face it, life happens, but this is more or less how it is:

IMG_85607:30am – 8am  Linden usually wakes up for the day
8:30am               Linden eats breakfast (oatmeal cereal and 2-3 different fruit purées)
9:00am – 10am  Linden plays
10:15am-noon  Linden naps
12:30pm              Linden eats lunch (oatmeal cereal, fruit purée, veggie purée and sweet potatoes)
1-6pm                 Life happens, and he usually will have a (1 hour) nap
6:30pm               Linden eats dinner (oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, veggie purées)
7:30pm               My husband and I have dinner
8:45pm – 9:15pm  Linden plays
9:15pm                Linden has a bath (which is part of his bedtime routine)
9:30pm               Linden is breastfed and then goes to sleep for the night
9:45pm               Linden is usually passed out by now
6:00am               Sometimes, Linden wakes up for a feed, and then goes back to sleep until about 7:30 or 8am when he wakes up for the day.


Listed below are the foods that he basically eats, and the foods that we have tried feeding him:IMG_4016


  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Mangoes
  • Kiwi
  • Prunes
  • Bananas*
  • Watermelon*


  • Zucchini
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Avocados*
  • Spinach*


  • Chicken*


  • Rice Cereal (Stage 1)
  • Oatmeal Cereal (Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3)
  • Oatmeal Cereal (flavoured, banana, apple and raisin)

~All rice cereal is prepared with expressed breast milk~

*Starred items are foods that we made or gave to him and he doesn’t like them.

And when we make his purées, we normally just steam them, and if we need to liquify or soften it up, we use the water that the foods were cooked in.  If we need to soften the food before we feed him, then we will add either water or expressed breastmilk at that point so that the food lasts longer in the fridge.

So there you have it, our 8 month old’s eating schedule and sleep schedule.  I will post blogs with recipes of the purées that we make him in case anyone is interested in those as well.

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