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Binxy Baby is a shopping cart hammock designed to keep your baby safe and secure in the shopping cart, while still giving you optimal space in your cart to finish your shopping.

Binxy Baby®’s patented design quickly and easily clips onto most carts, the seat hangs elevated so you have plenty of room underneath for groceries, then it rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag when finished. You can even put two right next to each other for multiples! It also has a strap to secure infant car seats!

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Binxy Baby for multiples!

Product Review: Nēnu Family (Teethers & Infant Cutlery)


I was so excited to receive this package from Nēnu. I was especially looking forward to the baby spoon and fork set, and was extremely impressed with all their products.  Below is a full review of their line of baby products.

Nēnu Bud

The Nenu bud teether was amazing for our 6 month old son.  Our son has been teething since he was about 4 months, but hasn’t cut any teeth yet.  He drools so much, and I’m sure as parents, you can all relate with your own babies, that he also loves to put everything in his mouth.  The Nēnu Bud has to be one of his favourites.  I’m sure many of you when faced with a teething baby, will be willing to try pretty much anything to alleviate the discomfort your baby is experiencing.  We’ve tried every teether you can imagine, including homemade frozen breastmilk popsicles.  The Nēnu Bud has raised the bar.  I would even say that it “one ups” the famous Sophie (the giraffe teether).  Our son loves his Nēnu Bud – and will literally chew on it for over a half hour.  The top part of it is round and is perfect for him to hold on to, and wrap his tiny hands around it. He has no problems grasping it.  The leg parts of the teether have ridges on them, and are slightly longer than the arm sections, and our son loved that he could get it to the back of his gums to alleviate some of the teething pressure on his back molars.  I think thats been one challenge we’ve had – to find a teether for his back teeth.  We haven’t been able to find something that heIMG_5385 can really get to the back of his mouth, without him gagging or choking on it.  The  structure of the Nēnu Bud is also great, in that it doesn’t lose its shape, so our son doesn’t end up with a mouthful of teething toys.  It just targets the gums, rather than the whole mouth.  For example, we have a Chewbead necklace, but our son literally tries to put the entire thing in his mouth. He ends up choking on it sometimes and getting drool everywhere.  Because the Nēnu Bud is shaped properly, he’s not jamming the whole thing in his mouth and drooling all over the place.  Its seriously an amazing teether or chew toy for a teething baby.

Lastly, we have a shedding,  70lbs golden doodle at home, and the material on the teether prevents hair/fur from sticking to the teether like other toys.  If there’s a ton of hair/fur, some will stick, but not anywhere close to the amount from other toys.

Nēnu Bug

These are the perfect teethers for a 7 month old.  Our son has been teething since he was about 3 months, but still hasn’t cut any teeth yet.  He’s constantly trying to put things in his mouth, and chewing and sucking on everything in sight.  Enter Nēnu teethers.  They’re awesome.  The size of them is just perfect.  They are 100% made and designed in the USA so you don’t have to worry about any safety issues with them.  They are the perfect size and shape for our 7 month old to hold, grip, and chew on.  The Nēnu Bug has 4 legs on it, and each leg is about the width of his thumb (which he loves to suck, yes we have a thumb sucker), so it has a sense of familiarity to it.  We put it in the fridge so its nice and cold and probably feels good on his gums when he gets it.  They can also be used as a bath toy since they float!

Nēnu Spoon and Fork Set
IMG_5319I was so excited to receive the Nēnu Spoon!  I love the fact that the shape and girth (or width) of the handles emulate that of an adult’s finger, making it very easy for my 7 month old to handle.  (Our son loves to hold our finger when he is unsure of things, and often, holds my husband’s finger to help him fall asleep in the car.  He uses the familiarity of our finger to help sooth him).  Linden was stoked to be able to feed himself (although I think he gets more all over himself than he does in his mouth, but thats beside the point!).  He had no issues holding the spoon, and it fits great in his mouth, and holds a good amount of food (not too much, and not too little).  I also love that the spoon has little “legs” or nubs, on them, which can rest on a table without getting the table dirty.  This is actually a big deal, because when you’re feeding a 7 month old, they’re messy enough and they get food everywhere.  So, if you can prevent something from getting dirty, like a portion of your table, thats one less thing you have to clean.  And as a tired mom, thats something that I appreciate more than you know.  You can place the spoon down (with food on it), and it sits perfectly level, with the scoop part sitting above the table so it doesn’t get it dirty.  See pic below. The “legs” on the spoon and fork also allow you to “hang” or sit them on the edge of a bowl or plate, which is kind of nice.

The lone issue that I had with the fork and spoon set, was that the handles on them are too short.  The handle length is great if your infant is at the age where they can feed themselves.  But at 7 months, ours isn’t quite co-ordinated enough, so we still have to feed him.  The length of the handles were an issue because our son tries to feed himself, but he ends up getting food and drool all over the handle of the spoon, and all over our hands.  Because of the short handle on the spoon, he literally gets food all over it, all the way to the end of it, and it makes it very difficult for us to get a good grip on the handle to feed him.  I don’t know if its just our son, but he had a tendency to grab the spoon below the legs/nubs on the spoon (closer to the handle, further from the food), which was awesome, because it prevented him from grabbing the food before it got to his mouth!  So the legs on the spoon almost act as a buffer to prevent them from putting their hands all over the food.  But again, that may have led us to the problem where the handle seemed too short for both our hand, as well as our son’s hand.


Overall, Nēnu is an amazing company for baby products.  All their products are designed in Seattle, and made in the USA.  With this, you know exactly what you’re purchasing, and can feel a sense of comfort knowing the materials are all safe, up to standard, tested and approved for babies.  Second, their customer service and communication far exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them.  (These will also make a great baby shower gift package, in case you need ideas!)

Key Features of the Nēnu Products

  • BPA, Phthalate, Vinyl, Latex, Cadmium, and Lead Free
  • 100% made in the USA
  • FDA rated medical grade materials
  • Freezable
  • Floats (so it can be used as a bath toy or a toy in the pool!)

FullSizeRender 11


Designed in Seattle, Made in the USA

If you’ve got a teething baby on your hands, and are in the market for some awesome teethers, Nēnu has generously offered you a 20% discount code at checkout direct from their website.  Their spoons and forks are also a hit with the little ones, so I’d totally recommend placing an order!  Seriously, give these teethers a try, you won’t regret it.  In fact, I’m off to place an order for my best friend who’s baby shower is coming up next month!  Click here or visit and use coupon code WTFParent20 for 20% off and free shipping on your order (valid until March 23, 2016)!

*Disclaimer:  I was offered this product at little or no cost, in exchange for a review.  All reviews are based 100% on our personal experiences and I am in no way obligated to give a positive review.  

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How to use the Yoomi bottle warmer

I thought I’d write this post because, when I first received our Yoomi feeding set, I was intimidated by all the stuff I had to do with it to get it working.  Then after  a couple of days of everything sitting on the counter, I decided to get started with it, and I regret not doing it sooner.

The instructions took me a while, so I thought I would attempt to simplify the instructions here.

IMG_3849 IMG_3850


When the warmer is brand new (i.e. never been used or heated up before), place it in the warming pod, and stick it in the microwave for 60 seconds.  take the warming pod out, and shake it. If it rattles, continue shaking it for 30 seconds.  Then put it back in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Then take it out and shake it for 10 seconds.  Then its done.  Leave it alone for 75 minutes.  Or come back the next day and its ready to use.  DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON ON THE WARMER – this will damage it, and its f***ed.  If you press the button while its hot, you will need to buy a new one.

I’ve added a 10 second video of me shaking the warming pod so you can hear the sound of the rattle that its supposed to make when you take it out of the microwave after 60 seconds.  (The video is meant for you to hear what the rattling sound is, just so you don’t have super high expectations of an amazing video review).  You will also see in the video, that the button on the warmer is a beige-ish colour.  (See pic below).


This image shows the button in the beige colour – meaning it is NOT ready (or not charged) yet

When its ready to use, it will be orange/red in colour.  (See pic below)


The button turns orange/red when its charged and ready to be used

Ok, your warmer is considered “charged” now, and when you’re ready to use it, place it in the top of the bottle (collar/nipple/teat part of the bottle), pour the cold breastmilk or formula in the bottle part, put it together and its ready.  Just press the orange/red button (through the silicone top part of the bottle), wait 60 seconds and its ready to use.  Its seriously, that simple.

When you are ready to use the bottle, and press the button, I find myself always questioning whether it is working, but rest assured it is.  Wait the 60 seconds, and then test it on your wrist, and you seriously won’t even feel the drop of milk/formula, the temperature is that perfect.


This is the 8oz feeding system.  Complete with an 8oz bottle, the warmer (with the orange button on it), and the warming pod (microwave safe)


The nipple/teat on the Yoomi bottle.  Shown without the warmer in it

IMG_4029Hope this helps.  I’ve also added a picture of the instruction sheet that comes with the Yoomi bottles in case you threw it out or lost it – something I do frequently.  If you want any other pics/videos/instructions, please post them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to try to answer them as best I can.


The instruction sheet for the Yoomi 8oz feeding system

Lastly, if you’re interested in purchasing a set of these, I highly recommend it.  Plus, you can get 15% off by using this code BEINGAMUMMY at the Yoomi checkout.  Also, if you can’t decide which set or what to buy, I would highly recommend getting a set that has 2 warmers in it, since it takes a while for the warmers to cool down before you can actually use them.  This way, you’ll always have one ready to go, even if the other one is charging/cooling down.  In my honest opinion though, one or two bottles is more than enough, depending on how frequently you bottle-feed.  We usually bring it when we go out, so usually one feed is all we need, so one bottle is enough.

Product Review: Yoomi (self-warming) Bottles


Yoomi bottles are revolutionary.  When we received the package, I’ll be honest – I was intimidated by the complexity of the pieces involved, and everything that we had to do to set it up before we could actually start using it.  Keep in mind, we’re pretty simple people – we like to be able to just pour expressed breastmilk into a bottle and away we go.  So, when I opened the package I wasn’t overly keen to start using them.

Then, I decided to just do it.  The instructions were fairly straight forward, but in case you are lost with them, I’ll make sure to add a small tutorial after this review, and hopefully get a YouTube video up on it as well.

The feeding system comes complete with everything you need to get going – a bottle, a charging pod (a plastic thing to heat the warmer up in the microwave), and the warmer (kinda looks like a bee hive).  First of all, I looked at the charging pod, and my first thought was, “that can’t go in the microwave, there’s metal in it”.  But I just followed the instructions, put the warmer mechanism thingie into the charging pod, put that into the microwave and prepared for the worst, but sure enough, everything went smooth!  You basically have to heat it up for 60 seconds, take it out of the microwave and shake it, and if it rattles, shake it for 30 seconds, then put it in the microwave for another 30 seconds, and voila, its done!  Then you leave it for 75 minutes to cool down, and you can use it anytime after that.  So, we took our son swimming, and when we got home, went to feed him.


The metal piece in the charging pod that I didn’t think was microwave safe, but it totally was

The warmer has to be recharged after every use, but its pretty simple – basically you stick the warmer in the pod, microwave it, take it out and shake it and microwave it again.  Then you leave it to cool down.  Once its been charged, you can leave it until you’re ready to use it, push the orange button on it, and its ready to go within 60 seconds.  I found its best to recharge it before bed (it literally takes 2 minutes, if that), and then its ready to go the next day.  When my husband pressed the button on the warmer and it was ready to go, he was in disbelief.  He thought there’s no way it could warm up cold breastmilk (the breastmilk was in the fridge overnight) within 60 seconds.  We poured the cold/refrigerated breastmilk into the bottle, and took the bottle and baby upstairs for his feed.


You will know the warmer is recharged when the button turns orange

I tested the milk on my wrist before we gave it to our 6 month old son, and I was amazed. My thought on it was that the idea of this hassle-free, one touch (practically instant) breastmilk/formula warmer was too good to be true.  But sure enough, it was the temperature of fresh breastmilk – all in 60 seconds.  My husband didn’t believe me so I squirted a couple drops on his wrist.  He was shocked.  His first thought was “how the heck have we been using a bottle warmer for so long”, not knowing about the Yoomi bottles.  Since my husband is usually the one who bottle feeds our son (when I’m at work, otherwise I would just breast feed him), he is the one who usually struggles with getting the perfect temperature for the milk.  We have a Dr Brown’s bottle warmer, but in our experience, it usually over heats the milk, so my husband just recently started warming up breastmilk the old-school way – by placing the bottle in hot water and waiting.  And I’m sure anyone who’s done this, knows that trying to warm up cold breastmilk (or formula) while listening to a hungry, screaming baby isn’t much fun.  Especially when you end up overheating the milk and you have to wait for it to cool down. So, the fact that it actually warms cold breastmilk in 60 seconds, is truly amazing.  It also lasts for about an hour, in case you press the button and your baby decides he/she doesn’t want to eat right away.  Yoomi Bottle 1, Regular Bottle 0.

The next thing we noticed, is that our son had to have a good latch on the bottle because the warmer is in the silicone nipple area of the bottle, so he can’t just suck on the teat part of it.  (See photo below).  This is one of the most important things for myself (as the person breastfeeding), because you don’t want to deal with nipple confusion – it hurts.  So, this bottle, to my surprise was actually just as good in preventing nipple confusion as the bottles we used before, the Munchkin Latch.  Ok, I’ll give both bottles a point here:  Yoomi Bottle 2, Regular Bottle 1.


You can see my son’s latch on the bottle – he’s not physically able to just suck on the teat part because of the size of the warmer and where it sits in the bottle

Another issue we have with our regular bottles (the Munchkin Latch), was that the nipple/teat on the Latch bottles sometimes collapse inwards.  We noticed that this doesn’t happen with the Yoomi bottles.  My husband usually has to open the lid of the bottle to release some air in order to invert the nipple or pop it back out.  So its nice that he doesn’t have to take the bottle away from the baby to do that with the Yoomi bottles.  Yoomi clearly stands out in this category:  Yoomi Bottle 3, Regular Bottle 1.

The system itself is also very easy to clean – warm, soapy water does the trick for the bottles as well as the warmer.  The nipple actually detaches from the rim of the lid as well so you can ensure you get it really clean.  Its just as easy to put it all back together again as well.

If anyone is wondering, the warmer itself is not hot to the touch (at least not through the bottle), so its perfectly safe for your baby to handle or hold the bottle themselves.  The only thing you may want to keep in mind, is that the bottle is top heavy because of the warmer – which may be a little inconvenient for younger or smaller babies who are just learning or figuring out how to hold their own bottle.  Or, if you get these bottles from the get-go, getting your baby to learn how to hold their own bottle may take a little longer as they will need more strength to hold it.  Our son just turned 6 months old, and he had no difficulties at all holding the bottle (see pics), but I just wanted to point that out.

Overall, in all honesty, I would give this bottle a 5 star rating.  It does what it sets out to do and more.  Ultimately, it is a self-warming bottle (which it does perfectly), but it really hits on all the things that you would want out of a bottle – anti-colic vents to prevent bubbles thus causing gas, creates a proper latch removing possible nipple confusion, and the nipple doesn’t collapse into the bottle like some other bottles do.  We don’t typically take milk with us when we go out, but we have started to since we received this system.  The bottom line is, it is so easy to use, even men can operate and feed the baby.  I like to refer to it as “husband-approved”.  It is completely worth its money – if you’re going to spend money on a bottle warming device, save your money and just get this instead – it seriously saves you the hassle and the headache.  And if you are looking to purchase one, you can use the discount code BEINGAMUMMY at the checkout at Yoomi U.S. (And Canada), or, which entitles you to 15% off since you took the time to read this review!

If you have experience with this bottle, or others, please feel free to leave comments below.


You can see the milk passing through the warmer which is how the milk is heated to the proper temperature before it gets to your baby’s mouth

*Disclaimer:  I was offered this product at little or no cost, in exchange for a review.  All reviews are based 100% on our personal experiences and I am in no way obligated to give a positive review.  

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Product Review: Ergobaby Nursing Pillow

I bought the Ergobaby natural curve nursing pillow after I read rave reviews about the product.  And after using it, I couldn’t agree more. I had some cheap nursing pillow from Babies R Us, and from the beginning, I always had problems with it. Firstly, it didn’t fit very well around my postpartum belly. Second, because of the flat shape of it, my son’s head always had to be propped up either by me holding it or if I could fit a pillow under it. Which meant I was either surrounded by pillows or I only had one free hand while nursing. Lastly, and probably the most inconvenient, was the fact that my son kept falling between me and the pillow because there wasn’t a strap holding it in place.

All these problems were addressed with the Ergobaby nursing pillow. My son’s head is properly supported by the natural shape of the pillow. The pillow is ultra firm – firmer than any other pillow I’ve seen on the market, yet the fabric on top layer is so soft and smooth for my son to lay on. The other added feature to this pillow, which I didn’t even know of until I started using it, is that because of its unique shape, your baby is forced into the proper, and natural breastfeeding position.

The one thing that I wish it did have though, is a strap to hold it in place. However, because of its shape and design, your baby fits on it properly and I haven’t notice my son slipping between myself and the pillow as I had problems with, with my previous nursing pillow. From the reviews I read, other moms complained that there is no handle on the nursing pillow, making it difficult to pick up with one hand. I would agree with this observation/complaint, but I haven’t found it to be an inconvenience. Lastly, I wish this pillow had a cup holder for me to rest a cup of coffee. But that’s something I don’t think any nursing pillow has….

At CAD$95, it’s an expensive nursing pillow, but well worth it. I wish I had it from the beginning and being able to have 2 hands free while nursing has been a huge benefit to this pillow. Also, if I had spent the money in the beginning, I wouldn’t have wasted the $30 on the crappy one I had before.

Click the pic below (or this link here) for a 10% discount on everything Ergobaby, to purchase one for you, or for a lucky friend/family member’s baby shower!